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Lloyd's August 2011 Radio Show

29:51 minutes (13.67 MB)

In his August 2011 radio show, Lloyd interviews Jim Odley of The Friends of the Whittier Narrows Natural Area, an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the preservation of the Whittier Narrows Natural Area on the San Gabriel River near Irwindale in Los Angeles County.  Odley says a local water district wants to spend $22 million in taxpayer money to build a conference center/museum smack in the middle of a delicate wetlands area along a stretch of the restored river.

Lloyd's September 2011 Radio Show

29:11 minutes (13.36 MB)

In his September radio show, Lloyd interviews award-winning Canadian environmental journalist Andrew Nikiforuk, whose new book, "Empire of the Beetle", chronicles the ravaging of western North America pine and spruce forests, killing an incredible 30 billion trees in the last two decades with very little media or government attention. 

Lloyd's May 2012 Radio Show - Interview with Ed Imhoff

60:09 minutes (13.77 MB)

Lloyd's May 2012 Radio Show