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Early Days of the Central Valley Project: The Role of Progressive Republicans, Freemasons, and Mormon Irrigators

Gary Stadelman Posz

This article grew out of conversation with colleagues about a speech Governor Earl Warren gave to a conference on water resource development at Stanford University in 1945. In his remarks, the Governor called for aggressive development of California's water resources. Little is known about the background of this speech, most particularly about what prompted Warren to launch so directly and forcefully into this fraught pubic policy domain when he had previously not identified himself with it; this was a high profile move outside of his known political interests and priorities.

I joined this conversation with commentary on the mutually reenforcing influences favoring water development in the West, which essentially pervaded the political space of Warren's career. One cannot claim that the influence matrix I describe here was dispositive in explaining Warren's unprecedented policy pronouncement. Bailing-wire sociology cum political science this narrative might be, yet it identifies significant influences present and operating in California politics when Earl Warren emerged in 1945 as a water development advocate.

Lloyd writes letter to Water and Power Subcommittee Chairwoman registering his dismay towards the biased Fresno hearing.

On July 21, I attended a field hearing of the House Subcommittee on Water and Power at Fresno City Hall and was so appalled by the obvious slanted nature of the proceedings that I decided to write Subcommittee Chairwoman Grace Napolitano to register my dismay. I asked that my letter be placed into the field hearing record. Here is my letter:  READ MORE »

WWD investment will pay... notice the inference that Westlands can sell water to So Cal

Wednesday, Apr. 30, 2008

Fitch Rates Westlands Water District, California's $30.1MM 2008A COPs 'A'

SAN FRANCISCO — Fitch Ratings has assigned an 'A' rating to Westlands Water District, California's (WWD) $30 million adjustable-rate refunding revenue certificates of participation (COPs), series 2008A. Fitch has also assigned an 'A' rating to WWD's approximately $230 million outstanding parity certificates. The Rating Outlook is Stable.  READ MORE »

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