Rep. Mike Simpson

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson resumes his war on wildlife

    Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson, who is backing mining companies that are polluting Idaho streams and creeks with selenium, is on the warpath again.  (See my story below on two-faced fish in a barrel for more details about Simpson.) The House subcommittee he chairs, which oversees Department of Interior spending, has passed a proposed budget bill which slashes the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service budget by 21 percent.

     I just received the following press release from Ducks Unlimited about Simpson's efforts to slash funding for North American wetlands Conservation as well as the FWS budget..  Simpson is also reportedly planning to cut funding for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,  Simpson is the chair of the Subcommittee on interior, Environment and Related Agencies, although his name is not mentioned in the DU press release below.


Two-faced Fish in a Barrel

By Lloyd G. Carter
      "They are putting the heat on me. I was dumpin' in the river for years and years and I got by in good shape but now I've spent millions cleanin' the water up. I did it in Washington. I had to do it in Oregon. It's the law of the land now. Mighta killed a few fish and suckers but never hurt anything. They're blowin' holes around the feedlot in Washington to see if I'm pollutin' the goddamn water. Maybe we won't be able to feed cattle anywhere any more, I don't know. The problem is there's too many goddamn regulations.  Now, if you build a manger you got to go to town and ask 'em for permission to do it."
     Idaho potato, livestock and fertilizer kingpin J.R. Simplot talking about pollution at his feedlots in a 1998 interview with Range Magazine ["The Cowboy Spirit on America's Outback"]. Simplot died in 2008 at the age of 99, with a worth estimated at $3.8 billion.  READ MORE »

Two-headed fish segment airs on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show

On Thursday night Jon Stewart's The Daily Show on the Comedy Channel aired a segment about the selenium-poisoning  of Idaho rivers by the J.R. Simplot mining and agribusiness goliath.  The EPA was blistered for endorsing a report by the Simplot company which wants to increase selenium limits in creeks and streams that receive mining wastes, even though it's already causing two-headed trout and other fish deformities.  Unmentioned in the Daily Show segment was the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which released a scathing review of the flawed Simplot report, mentioned favorably in a New York Times story, but refused to let its top selenium scientist speak to the Daily Show.  You can watch the Daily Show segment here:  READ MORE »

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