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Will Westlands sell water to Southern California uban interests?

Go to this website to see a video on whether or not Westlands will sell water to urban interests instead of using it for farming:


Will Westlands sell water to raise money to pay bonds?

Westlands Water District Deputy General Manager Jason Peltier recently told a state senate committee the mammoth federal water district will not be reselling irrigation water to urban interests and that the water district’s growers were not “profiteers.”  Questions have been raised because the bond rating agency Fitch recently reported that Westlands could “potentially” sell off some of its water supply, if necessary to pay off $50 million in bonds that Westlands and some adjacent water districts took out. Click on "1 attachment" below.

Lloyd writes letter to Water and Power Subcommittee Chairwoman registering his dismay towards the biased Fresno hearing.

On July 21, I attended a field hearing of the House Subcommittee on Water and Power at Fresno City Hall and was so appalled by the obvious slanted nature of the proceedings that I decided to write Subcommittee Chairwoman Grace Napolitano to register my dismay. I asked that my letter be placed into the field hearing record. Here is my letter:  READ MORE »

Picture of the Week

Sibling embryos of the bird species Stilt collected from a single nest on the same day from a Tulare Basin evaporation pond in the Southern San Joaquin Valley in 2001. The overtly teratogenic embryo on the left, exhibiting stunted growth, no eyes, deformed bones (in right foot) contained 72 parts per million selenium(dry weight, whole egg), while the overtly normal sibling, on the right, contained 16 parts per million selenium. (photo courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) Selenium triggered massive wildlife deformities in birds at the Kesterson National Wildlife Refuge in Merced County in the early 1980s. The deformities were caused by selenium in drainage water from the Westlands Water District moving up the food chain into the birds nesting at Kesterson. The federal government has never enforced international and federal bird protection laws in the Tulare Basin to halt the selenium poisoning.

Autry threatens to stop paying income taxes.

Fresno Mayor Alan Autry is calling for citizens to stop paying their taxes until more water is delivered to the Westlands Water District. He says he'll stop paying his taxes and go to jail if necessary. Autry spoke to the Fresno Bee editorial board Tuesday afternoon (July 22) and offered his views on the current drought situation. Bee editorial page editor Jim Boren posted the following on his blog at the Bee's website.  READ MORE »

Lloyd published in the Sacramento Bee

From the Sacramento Bee...

Lloyd G. Carter: A California water story of individual tenacity
By Lloyd G. Carter - Special to The Bee
Published 12:00 am PDT Friday, April 25, 2008
Story appeared in EDITORIALS section, Page B7

You have to give 75-year-old Felix Smith of Carmichael credit for tenacity.

A quarter-century ago, Smith became the conscience of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service when he blew the whistle on the selenium poisoning of the Kesterson National Wildlife Refuge in western Merced County.  READ MORE »


California environmental groups have grown increasingly concerned that U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein is secretly negotiating a "sweetheart" deal with the Westlands Water District that will harm the Delta and will allow continued irrigation of high selenium soils. Environmentalists remain deeply suspicious of Westlands' claim that it has a viable solution for the drainage crisis affecting the western San Joaquin Valley. Westlands, which only has a few hundred growers, is seeking enough water annual to meet the needs of a city of 10 million people. The California Water Impact Network (C-WIN) and the California Sportsfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA) recently wrote Sen. Feinstein to express their concerns.

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