Financial support sought for research on California water and toxics issues


Editor's Note: Dear website visitors, the recent story about Clean Water Act problems in California, posted on this website by Patrick Porgans and Lloyd G. Carter, has drawn more than 14,300 "reads" and apparently struck a chord. A great deal of data and research findings are disseminated through Planetary Solutionaries The data and information are made possible from decades of self-funded research that has provided the public with unbiased and factual information, design to inform and protect the public and the planet. If you support honest research into California's water problems, please do what you can to help assist Planetary Solutionaries (PS)to get out a series of e-FACT sheets on subjects such as the Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Bay-Delta Estuary, toxics in  California, floods and drought, and endangered species. The E-FACT Sheets with be concise, substantiated by the record, depicting the source of the issues  and providing valuable information and solutions to the public and decision makers to remedy the issues. I have gladly posted the message below from PS.  Thank you.


Lloyd Carter



   Patrick Porgans & Associates (P/A) and Planetary  Solutionaries (P/S)  are in the process of initiating a FACT SHEET on the  Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act; which will include graphics and other related  information. This is the first of a series of e-fact  sheets that P/A  (in unison with others) will publish on such issues as water, toxics,  endangered  species; water rights; agricultural drainage;  privatization of public  resources; wetlands mitigation scam; government-induced  Salmon  Collapse; the "stakeholders group", dam closures;  energy productions  and demands; and other related subjects.

     Also, PS is already working on a similar e-fact sheet  that will  provide a detailed analysis of the hype and  shortcomings of the  federal and state Endangered Species Act.  If you, your  group, or any other party is interested in financially  supporting this research effort,  please advise Patrick Porgans.  He can be reached at Planetary Solutionaries, P.O. Box 60940, Sacramento, CA 95860.  Patrick can also be reached at (916) 543-080, (916) 833-8734 or (415) 306-3317.  His email is or

     Thank you for your support.