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Two-headed fish segment airs on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show

On Thursday night Jon Stewart's The Daily Show on the Comedy Channel aired a segment about the selenium-poisoning  of Idaho rivers by the J.R. Simplot mining and agribusiness goliath.  The EPA was blistered for endorsing a report by the Simplot company which wants to increase selenium limits in creeks and streams that receive mining wastes, even though it's already causing two-headed trout and other fish deformities.  Unmentioned in the Daily Show segment was the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which released a scathing review of the flawed Simplot report, mentioned favorably in a New York Times story, but refused to let its top selenium scientist speak to the Daily Show.  You can watch the Daily Show segment here:

  I will have an extensive blog entry in the next few days which takes a look behind the scenes at why the Fish and Wildlife Service, afraid of its own shadow, missed a golden opportunity to educate the public.  Selenium, of course, has been a major pollution issue in California for nearly 30 years, following the selenium poisoning of migratory birds at the Kesterson National Wildlife Refuge. Selenium, it seems, is a national problem but nobody wants to talk about it, as The Daily Show pointed out.  Stay tuned.




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