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LA City Council approves Department of Water and Power rate increases

   The Los Angeles City Council today gave final approval to rate increases proposed by the Department of Water and Power, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    Officials signed off on the hikes about two weeks after they first considered the utility's proposals to increase to water and power base rates for the first time in years.

    Water rates will increase 4.7% each year for five years, while power rates will go up 3.86% in the same fashion.     

     “This rate case … gets the department what it needs until we make a decision about what it is that we want,” said Councilman Felipe Fuentes at a council meeting earlier in March. “We have to make sure that the department has the ability to function."

      There have not been any increases to base rates since a power hike in 2012, DWP said. There have been no base rate increases to water since 2009.

     At previous meetings when the rates have been up for discussion, department General Manager Marcie Edwards has said that some people urged her to push for bigger hikes.


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