2008 Bio Camp

Lloyd spoke to nearly 100 Edison High School Computech science students during a "BioCamp" at Lake Sequoia in the High Sierra on Sept. 30. He addressed three different groups of 9th graders at the four-day camp, each group comprising about 30-35 students. The BioCamp was organized by Edison High science and physics instructor Bruce Ratcliffe, a long-time friend of Lloyd's. All of the students indicated they want to attend college and four said they want to be marine biologists.

"Flow" now showing in theaters nationwide

"Flow", the award-winning documentary about the world water crisis and an official selection of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, is now showing in theaters nationwide, including San Francisco, Berkeley and Palm Springs. It also has a website,

Below are some of the startling facts from the film's website:  READ MORE »

2008 California's beaches report card

Heal the Bay has released its 2008 report card on the state of California's beaches. To read more, CLICK HERE

Plan to raise Shasta Dam would result in loss of Indian ceremonial grounds

The San Jose Mercury-News is reporting that a Northern California Indian tribe fears losing their ancestral and ceremonial grounds if a plan to raise Shasta Dam, backed by the Westlands Water District, is approved. To read more, CLICK HERE

Bush Withholds Salmon Disaster Money As He Pushes For Corporate Bailouts

As GeorgeW. Bush pushes Congress to bail out Wall Street corporations, he refuses to immediately release $70 million out of the $170 million appropriated by Congress for disaster relief to West Coast salmon fishermen and businesses impacted by this year's salmon closures. Dan Bacher reports.  READ MORE »

Southern California's plans to fix water supply

Southern California is moving ahead with plans to shore up its drought year water supplies.  READ MORE »

Chronicle agrees, farmers must monitor, reduce water use

It seems we're not the only ones advocating water conservation in agriculture as a way to reduce demand on California's limited supplies. The San Francisco Chronicle thinks so too.  READ MORE »

Lois Henry: Restore flows to the dried up Kern River.

Bakersfield Californian columnist Lois Henry is on a crusade to restore public trust flows in the dewatered portion of the Kern River within the city of Bakersfield. In her latest column on the subject, she points out the glacial progress of the State Water Resources Control Board in setting a public hearing on restoring flows in the dried up portion of the river. To read more about how you can help:

More with Less

A new report from the Pacific Institute, "More with Less: Agricultural Water Conservation and Efficiency in California - A Special Focus on the Delta," insists we can substantially reduce impacts on the Delta ecosystem and slow groundwater overdraft if we simply grow more profitable crops.  READ MORE »

USGS superscientist David Love issues warning in 1949 regarding Selenium in the West.

In February of 1949, famed U.S. Geological Survey superscientist David Love issued a warning that selenium in shale soils throughout the American West could pose a serious toxicity problem for wildlife, livestock and humans if those tainted lands were brought into production for farming or mining.  READ MORE »

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